If you can shape it in your will find it in your life.
— Andrew Hemmen, MD

What is Aquadopa


• Aquadopa (AD) is the first and only energy drink to directly fuel dopamine. 

• AD goes “Beyond Energy”...heightening “Ambition and Drive”.

• Dopamine is the brain chemical that makes us feel uplifted, capable and driven!

• Humans thrive on dopamine. When we reach for that coffee, tea, cola or RedBull, we’re actually wanting a boost of it.

• Dopamine is produced in the brain from L-dopa, an amino acid also found in the Indian herb Mucuna pruriens.

• Aquadopa is based on Mucuna...along with a supporting cast of herbs, amino acids and modest caffeine.

• Aquadopa enhances mood, energy, vision, focus and creativity...sharpening foresight, planning and execution.

• Aquadopa fuels your mind, turns up your drive...and pushes you beyond!

• AD is an advantage for athletes, students and professionals of all types for peak performance in any arena.

• And...AD is the perfect way to “turn you up” as you head out for play!!!

• “Go Beyond Energy”...reach for Aquadopa.


Aquadopa naturally enhances dopamine... AND YOU!



Great Herbal Nutritional Supplement Drink that will help you focus better! Forget Starbucks Double Shot.. Get This Instead!
— Stevie , LA Story
Aquadopa is a new class of drink unlike anything else on the market due to the inclusion of an extract from a plant called mucuna pruriens!
— Ken Due , Amazon Review
After one month I can say this product does boost focus and energy!
— Frank Hank, Amazon Review
This drink gave me the drive and focus to perform at my highest level!
— Alex Leal, Blogger

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