Aquadopa naturally enhances dopamine... and you! 

“If you can shape it in your mind...you will find it in your life.”
— Andrew Hemmen, MD – on dopamine


• AD goes “Beyond Energy”...heightening “Ambition and Drive”.

• Dopamine is the brain chemical that makes us feel uplifted, capable and driven!

• Humans thrive on dopamine. When we reach for that coffee, tea, cola or RedBull, we’re actually wanting a boost of it.

• Dopamine is produced in the brain from L-dopa, an amino acid also found in the Indian herb Mucuna pruriens.

• Aquadopa is based on Mucuna...along with a supporting cast of herbs, amino acids and modest caffeine.

• Aquadopa enhances mood, energy, vision, focus and creativity... sharpening foresight, planning and execution.

• Aquadopa fuels your mind, turns up your drive... and pushes you beyond!

• AD is an advantage for athletes, students and professionals of all types for peak performance in any arena.

• And...AD is the perfect way to “turn you up” as you head out for play!!!

Great Herbal Nutritional Supplement Drink that will help you focus better! Forget Starbucks Double Shot.. Get This Instead!
— Stevie , LA Story
Aquadopa is a new class of drink unlike anything else on the market due to the inclusion of an extract from a plant called mucuna pruriens!
— Ken Due , Amazon Review
After one month I can say this product does boost focus and energy!
— Frank Hank, Amazon Review
This drink gave me the drive and focus to perform at my highest level!
— Alex Leal, Blogger

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